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UGC90 empowers the game studios and ventures to become the leaders of the GameFi & Metaverse


Founded by inspiring leaders of gaming, tech and marketing industries. Our founders made their successful exits, and are now focused on ultimate growth services and integrating blockchain into gaming as a new-gen venture building company


Ultimate GameChanger brings together supreme game ideas, passionate gaming entrepreneurs, cutting-edge blockchain & NFT developers, razor-sharp analysts, talented performance marketing & advanced user acquisition professionals, expert community builders, bold capital and scale of our corporate partners & network to transform ideas into hi-scale, hi-profit global business


Sandbox x UGC90

Monumental Moments

Monumental Moments: A Collective Meta History Initiative. We invite all voxel creators; individuals and studios to join us in a new movement to build a common space of cultural inheritance that will represent the world and its values. Monumental Moments will be the first Web3 archive that will be built by the community for the community, lead by UGC90 on The Sandbox Metaverse.


NFT Infrastructure Partner

A New Revenue Stream for Game Studios and Gamers. QAF NFT provides all the necessary infrastructure to mint NFTs and crypto tokens at a single click, no coding required. Minted tokens will have instant utility with its API based NFT marketplace, that packs easy and fast integration. Plugs effortlessly into any game ecosystem giving true ownership of digital assets for players and enabling game studios to be in Web3.


Sandbox Creator Studio Partner

UGC90 has become an official creator studio partner of The Sandbox. UGC90 will build immersive metaverse experiences for brands, publishers, influencers, celebrities etc…With this partnership, mythical story games containing battle, valor, glory, love, and tragedy will be prepared by experienced Voxel creators and presented to metaverse citizens on The Sandbox. The first experience from this partnership is Hero of Troy, with its +3000-year-old legendary story it is going to be epic.

Sandbox x UGC90

Hero of Troy The Sandbox

Hero of Troy, a legendary story inspired by Homeric epics, is coming soon to The Sandbox as an immersive experience! Legend of Troy is a story of love and valor, based on the ancient city of Troy located in Çanakkale, Turkey. Live the night that changed the course of a war on The Sandbox, infiltrate the city with the Trojan Horse, fight in a great battle with heroes, solve puzzles and parkour on the rooftops in stealth. Become the “Hero of Troy”


Z-Ape Raid NFT Game

A classic with a new twist, coming soon from New Direction Gaming Z-Ape Raid is a Tower Defense game with First Person Shooter mechanics. Heroes, towers and Zombie Apes are all NFT’s with in-game functionalities for a new approach to game economy. Join tournaments, organize attacks, defend the last of humanity in solo endless mode, win NFT’s and more to STOP THIS APE MADNESS. UGC90 is building the NFT strategy, tokenomics and marketing.


Metahorse Unity

A new game from Hungri Games… Metahorse Unity is a Metaverse oriented Racing Game with classical RPG mechanics where players compete in both PvE and PvP modes and complete quests within the various live events in Metahorse world. Free to Play is integrated as the core game loop where Play to Earn features will provide additional utility for the ingame economics. As UGC90, we will work on nft and marketing strategy of MetaHorse with Hungri team.


Gaming & Metaverse Focused HR

Discover the power of the curated platform for on-demand talent. Don’t get lost in the world of talent trying to choose from a big pool. Select on-demand talent from a hand-picked group that is assembled for your specific needs by our curated platform which combines the power of machine intelligence and human skills.


Deep into



Capital of The Gaming Industry

With +250.000 attendees Gamescom 2022 was a blast! UGC90 core team members were at Gamescom to expand partnerships and move the Turkish Web3 gaming ecosystem global. It was refreshing to see many Web3 native #build-ers and curious Web2 people at the Capital of The Gaming Industry. Evereyone can expect to see more Web3 in future gaming events with even more influence, surely the industry has a long way to go and we at UGC90 are thrilled to be a part of the ride!


Blockchain Game Alliance

UGC90 is now a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Together we will build the future of gaming with blockchain technologies. Let’s share and collaborate, develop new relationships with all builders of the Web3.0, Metaverse and Game-fi industries. Let's #buidl together #WAGMI

The Sandbox & GameDev

VoxJam Series Istanbul Hackathon

UGC90 is supporting the VoxJam Series Istanbul Hackathon, coming in collaboration with The Sandbox & GameDev! The theme is “iconic monuments of Istanbul'' UGC90 is sharing its creators as mentors to the Hackathon and our CEO Burak Günsev will be on the grand jury. The VoxJam Hackathon will feature many more experienced names for support of the community both in the jury and the mentor team. It is the perfect place to hone your skills for metaverse building as a newcomer or a veteran. The Hackathon will be held at Yıldız Technopark on 25-26 June with +10,000 SAND award.


The Superbowl of NFTs

Biggest NFT event of the year NFT.NYC will be held between the 20th -23rd of June at New York. There will be over +1500 speakers and panels backed by Opensea, Coinbase NFT, Polygon Studios, Moonpay and many more in the event to gather NFT communities and enthusiasts around the world. “The Diversity of NFTs” is the main attraction, there will be NFTs for everything from finance to music. We are thrilled to announce that UGC90 will be attending too! We KNOW that the whole ecosystem will grow ever more with this diversity in attendance. Let’s all #buidl together.

BV x Solsea

Hypercube Series

Boğaziçi Ventures’s first NFT collection "Hypercube Series", made in partnership with SolSea NFT, art by Özge Topçu. The ‘Hypercube’ illustrates how cultural antiquity can act as a nucleus for today's technology and future. That very nucleus defines how modern technology has shaped the present with high-level geometry pioneered science and art in ancient civilizations. UGC90 as a partner handled NFT strategy and marketing also advised through blockchain processes.



Get ready for the ultimate NFT racing game! Use your timing skills in order to be the TOP RACER, Self-driving racing cars powered by advanced AI system, Amazing mobile & browser graphics & gameplay. Build your own garage, loot better cars with the experience you earn or upgrade your cars to turn them into beasts, Build your racing strategy with amazing booster cards to beat your opponents in the most exciting races ever! TopraceNFT is the collectible card racing game you have been waiting for!

Mafia Games

Lucky Apes

Experience the Unexpected and get a taste of this social casino. A new-gen social casino game released on mobile platforms, UA by UGC90. Developed for a revisioned experience on classics including lucky card games and fun table games! Introducing revamped trends such as Space Monkey and Plinko! Play games and collect legendary rewards! This game is intended for an adult audience, for amusement purposes only.



Trend Research
Game Design
Data Analysis
Ad Network Relations
IP Licensing
Live-Ops Advisory
Advanced user acquisition
Creative assets
New gen monetization
Community building
Team build up & talent
SM & Influencer Marketing
Interactive Experience Building
Metaverse Property Development
NFT Gaming Strategy & Design
Chain Network Relations
IGO Design & Man.
Tokenomics design

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